Practical sociatechnics

Begin a new society.
Create communities from scratch.

Timetable 2024

First session:

1 october - 20 december


Are you interested in participating in different collectives? Or to create your own? Do you want to get to know what laws drive thematic club development or online community? Excellent! You’ve knocked on the right door.

You join the course with your own experience and as a result you get structured knowledge on how to create your own or efficiently participate in different communities or informal groups.



For getting an expectable result, I’ve prepared video lectures as well as practical questions and live online colloquial classes.

In the course I consider micro level communities (with a core around 15-25 people), but from time to time I am going to discuss bigger examples.

All materials, questions and online classes are based on my more than 15-year civil agency. In the civil activism period, I had a chance to participate in a range of informal collectives as well as to create my own.

Also I am going to offer not only my theoretical premises but also other sociologists, ethnologists and anthropologists findings that inspired me to create the course.


There is a thought that society is a sum of civilians. I follow the position that a society is an interconnection of various communities created by self-determined individuals - citizens. That is why…

To create collectives is not only curious, it also influences your future society. Where you want to live. And if we wish for a society of our dreams, it is important to begin from a small brick, that is a small informal group.

In addition, during the course implementation I am writing the book with the same topic. Participating in the course, you will assist me to polish thoughts and accelerate publishing of the book for the future generation.


What you learn

At the end of the course you will be a junior sociatechnician. You can:

  • marker

    Quickly familiarize in the existing community and join in to its operation.

  • handshake

    Create your own community, precisely community, not organization.

  • chat-arrow-grow

    Understand informal group development dynamics and know what tools to implement for its organic growth.

  • user

    Facilitate effectively different roles deployment in a community as well as self-determination of new participants.

  • heart

    Foster community immune system and neutralize toxic participants.

  • settings-sliders

    Manage knowledge, transfer behavioral patterns and stimulate culture.

  • social-network

    Form value core and how to involve it in the informal group operation.

  • users

    Influence participants number and launch community detachment processes.

  • refresh

    Adapt a collective for new types of activities or multiplicate new communities.

  • comments

    Integrate the most efficient decision-making models and internal group conflict resolution.

Who we discuss about

During the classes we are considering the next communities agencies in Belarus.

Final project

Students practice real community building actively or do its research together with successful course participation will be granted with Course Certificate.

What to prepare

It is necessary to prepare a bit in advance:

Who the course for

  • Who strive to create their own community.

  • Who wish to understand how communities develop..

  • Who understand the importance of informal group development.

  • Who believe in the necessity of communities for building open and inclusive society.

  • Who are interested in horizontal practices in informal groups management.

  • Who want to know methodology for community research.

Course content

Course cost

500+ EURO

Funds I collect from the course will be spent for my book publishing. Its draft name is “Practical sociatechnics: create communities”.

I am ready to make a discount for students.

About author



I am, Mikhail Volchak.

I love my country Belarus.

Since 2003 I have been diving in a civil life and carrying on my participation in the present moment.

Most of my practice is an organizational and activist experience where I participated and created thematic clubs and communities, informal collectives and organizations. Before my exile from Belarus (late 2022) I had kept bees and begun life in the Pallesian village with my family. Now, I make money for my life by coaching English language classes and managing servers. I like reading and doing things based on Kantian moral maxim.


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